Board of Directors

At the Westfield Area Y, our leadership team assists our staff in strengthening the community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Westfield Area YMCA Board Officers

Dominic DiGiorgio, Board Chair

Morgan O’Brien, Treasurer

Darielle Walsh, Secretary, Past Chair

Peter Burtness, Vice Chair

Kristy Catlin, Vice Chair

Jane Rey, Vice Chair

John Cronin, Past Chair

Sheilah O’Halloran, Past Chair

Nicholas Dovidio, Past Chair

Mark Swingle, Past Chair



Westfield Area YMCA Board Members

Blythe Anderson

Charles DeAngelis

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Lisa Gingeleskie

Scott Gleason

Mark Grinis

Bob John

Adele Lewis

Mark Rhodes

Carl Salisbury

Harold Star

Carolyn Tenney

Rob Trenery

James Ward

Greg Weaver

William West