New Jersey YMCA State Alliance

The Westfield Area Y is proud to be a member of the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance

Incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation, the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance is comprised of 36 corporate YMCA associations and 80 branches from across the garden state.

Together, NJ YMCAs work together to strengthen the foundations of community to better serve the community.

To that end, the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance:

  • Monitors critical public policy issues and advocates for member Ys.
  • Fosters statewide communication among YMCAs and collaborating nonprofit partners.
  • Coordinates statewide initiatives aligned with three focus areas: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

The mission of the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance is to collaborate and work together on areas of mutual benefit in order to strengthen and enhance our individual YMCAs and the collective strength of NJ YMCA’s to better serve the people of New Jersey.

Statewide initiatives include:

Healthy U— The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey and the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance partner in this program aimed at preventing childhood obesity through improved nutrition, increased physical activity, and parental involvement.

Talk Connect Prevent–NJ YMCA State Alliance is partnering with Horizon Foundation and NJ Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey to arm parents with tools and resources that help prevent substance use among children and teens.

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