Kids Club

You can enjoy a workout or class at the Y and know your child is well taken care of right down the hall

Welcome to Kids Club

Members must stay in the building while children are in Kids Club.  All children must be pre-registered.  Stop by the Welcome Center in the Main Lobby to fill out a Kids Club registration card.  This service is available for children ages 4 months – 11 years.


Kids Club Room

The Kids Club Room is divided into two areas, the infant/toddler side and the preschool side.  All toys and furniture are age appropriate for each side. There is a limit of 4 infants on the infant/toddler side.  We allow a total of 18 children on the infant/toddler side and 30 on the preschool age side.

Parents of children 2 1/2 – 3 years of age may choose the side that best fits their child.  Children may need some time for transition into the preschool side.  Toys and equipment are safe for children three and over on the preschool side.


Parents must sign infants (4 mos.-12 mos.) up at the Welcome Center and pay in advance.  If you cannot come in during your scheduled time, please call/email at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled reservation (x423 or You may reschedule up to three babysitting hours within the same session.  There are no refunds, and any monies paid for reservations not properly cancelled will be forfeited.  Infants only need to register in advance for the 9:00AM and 10:00AM time slots.

Kids Club Escorts

Y staff are available to escort your child to or from a preschool activity class.  You must make arrangements in advance by contacting Robin Roth at x255 or

First Days

As the first few days can be an adjustment period for children, it is vital for a successful experience at the Y. We also know that this period is difficult for parents as well.

There are some children who find it difficult adjusting to new groups and a new environment; they may be more comfortable beginning the program with shorter hours and gradually lengthening their stay over a two or three day period.

For the well being of the child who arrives anxious or upset, the staff will try to accept their behavior without pressuring them. They help the child deal with separation by encouraging the child to focus their attention on an area of interest.

Saying goodbye is an important part of the child’s adjustment. It is reassuring to the child to be told when the parents are leaving, rather then finding the parents have disappeared from the room. If your child is crying and we can’t calm them down we will come to get you after fifteen minutes.

Families should be greeted and acknowledged by the staff. It is reassuring to the child to hear the parents and staff exchange greetings and goodbyes. In addition it ensures that the staff are aware that the child has entered the room and he/she is now responsible for the child.