Barbara Plucienik

I joined the Y after my retirement. I was having hip problems and was told by two orthopedic physicians that warm water exercise would be best for my joints, but eventually I would need a complete hip replacement.

I started off with 3 classes, 3 days a week: Arthritis Water, Aqua Lite and Arthritis Land.  After a month, my joints felt a lot better. Then I added more, coming 5 days, 13 classes a week!  Still, the exercise couldn’t change the damage to my hip so I had the total hip replacement.  My recuperation went extremely well and I was able to return to my Y classes 5 weeks post operatively.

The programs and the instructors are exceptional.  I feel that the 7 months of pre-rehab at the Y was what prepared me for surgery and allowed me such a quick recovery.  Kudos to the staff because without them, I could not have recuperated so well.