Phil Bruno

Phil Bruno

I have always been active. As an adult, I participated in triathlons and trained for them at the Y by swimming, doing other cardio and strength training, and by taking Cycling and Barefoot Fusion classes.

A series of back surgeries represented a tipping point where I need to be careful. After years of working out on my own, I decided to work with a personal trainer.

I was directed to Danny Kaltneckar and we began working together after the first surgery. Working with him is never routine. He keeps me on track and constantly progressing. At one point, we shifted focus to weight loss and I am down almost 50 pounds.

I am in better shape than I was in high school.

The Y has high standards for its facilities and staff. There is always someone on the floor to offer guidance, and the Y has a positive atmosphere you can’t find just anywhere. I want to get back to triathlon, probably in a year.