Jeanmarie Hasiak

Personal Trainer

From a very young age, I’ve always been athletic and loved to do a variety of different things to keep my body fit – from playing varsity basketball, to running & high jumping in track & field and becoming MVP for Westfield High School my senior year, to continuing after graduating by taking Mixed Martial

Lena Fagan-Nelson

Camp Director

I grew up and attended high school in Roselle.  I earned an Associate’s Degree in Sport Management from Union County College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management from Rutgers University in New Brunswick.  While in college I worked part-time at the Westfield Area YMCA.  After college I started full-time as a program coordinator.  Sports

Sara LoBue

Personal Trainer

I’ve been involved with sports my entire life.  I was a competitive gymnast for roughly 10 years – once finishing All-Around 5th in the whole state of New Jersey!  In high school I competed in gymnastics for a club team and the high school team.  I also played soccer.  Being active and healthy has always

Jenny Stanley

Personal Trainer

I started working in the fitness industry in 1991 as a group exercise instructor. In July 2007, I joined the Y’s team of instructors and have taught a wide variety of classes and formats over the years. When I became certified as a Personal Trainer in January 2015, choosing to train at the Y was

Walt Foster

Personal Trainer

I got the fitness bug early in life. Playing baseball, basketball, PAL boxing and karate set the table for a lifetime of fitness. While coaching a middle school basketball team, I took education courses in strength and conditioning for athletes which helped our players quite a bit. Through the Y, I train a fitness class

Leo Hoy

Personal Trainer

I’ve been a full-time self-employed contractor since 1986. But my passion for physical fitness and athletics inspired me to become a personal trainer. I earned my certification in 2013 and began working part-time at the Westfield Area YMCA in 2015. I can’t say enough about the Y. It’s an amazing place. It is much more

Joanne McKeown

Personal Trainer

When it comes to getting in shape, mental strength is just as important as physical strength. The primary ingredient you need is the desire to succeed. The hardest part is taking the first step; to motivate yourself to come to the gym. I am a huge proponent of safe, efficient, and functional movement. I emphasize