Adult Aquatics

Stay active and learn new skills in the water.

Adult Aquatics Program Photo Image

Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. We offer aquatics programs for every age, ability and skill level including instructional swim, water exercise classes, and other programs. We also have scheduled open time in our two pools for lap swim, family swim and more. See our pool schedules for details.

Swim Lessons

Group Lessons

We have adult group lessons for beginners overcoming fears as well as for seasoned swimmers refining their strokes.

Individual and Dual Lessons

Intended for adults looking to practice or refine a skill, or to reach a specific goal.


Water Fitness

Gain Muscle and Improve Endurance without Stress on Joints

Water fitness classes provide cardiovascular and strength training benefits for all ages and fitness levels. Water-based workouts maximize your fitness results while minimizing the stress on joints and muscles. Water resistance = a total body workout! All classes are taught by instructors certified in aquatic exercise. Free for Full Members.