S.T.E.A.M. Camps

Make new discoveries while enjoying positive and confidence boosting activities. You’re guaranteed to learn something new!

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For weeks offered and online registration, click the link below. Camp descriptions and ages are available in by clicking the “i” (info) icon. To make a full day of fun for all S.T.E.A.M. camps, register for Half-Day Complement.


Entering grades 1-5
Calling all witches, wizards, and muggles! Experience the fun of Hogwarts with a week full of Harry Potter activities. Don’t worry, we know there’s no magic outside of Hogwarts, but we got SPECIAL permission from Professor McGonagall! After our sorting ceremony, be prepared to go to Ollivander’s Wand Shop for your own special wand, Charms class to practice spells, and Potions class to make your own concoctions. At the end of the week, the house with the most points will win the House Cup!


Entering grades 2-5
Go “behind the scenes” to learn how some of your favorite magic tricks come to life and master your own bag of tricks with a professional magician. Before you know it, you will be entertaining your family and friends! Each young magician gets a set of magic tricks and props to keep.


Entering K-grade 5
Prepare to engage your imagination and natural creativity! Our inspired artists work with a variety of materials such as paint, clay, sand, pastels and natural materials from the surrounding environment to create and develop fun projects, acquire new skills and express personal style. This is the camp where creativity thrives!


Entering K-grade 5
Fun discoveries and hands-on learning are in store as we mix Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math into this creative and exploratory camp. Kids work both individually and as teams to tackle complex challenges employing elements of science, engineering and design. Campers gain a better understanding of how basic scientific properties affect the world around us.


The curriculum and instruction for the following camps are provided by the Montclair Learning Center:

Entering grades 1-5
Learn about different types of bridges and civil engineering through a realistic, hands-on problem-solving experience.  Using the Engineering Design Process and STEM skills, campers will design their own bridge using software and then build it.  Your bridge will be tested to meet load, safety and budget constraints.


Entering grades 1-5
Explore the different continents and cultures of the world.  How does STEM stand out in the natural and manmade wonders of the world?  Become engineers and use shapes and geometry to design and build your own version of the pyramids or the Great Wall of China.  Learn about earth science to understand how Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone geysers exist.


Entering grades 1-5
Introducing the mode of railroad transportation through the lens of STEM.  Campers will be exposed to railway transportation technology through experimental learning and hands-on activities.  Build your own train tracks and test them with a train you made.  Be a conductor and drive a train through a simulation experience.


Entering grades 1-2
Do you love animals?  Learn how veterinarians care for a variety of animals, such as pets, farm or zoo animals.  Campers can set up their own vet clinic, analyze a pet x-ray, and build a cast for an animal in need.  Design and build your own zoo with your choice of wild animals.


Entering grades 1-5
3, 2, 1…Blast Off! Shoot for the moon by applying basic physics concepts (angles, trajectory, aerodynamics, thrust, Newton’s Laws) and the engineering design process in hands-on projects such as designing, building and launching your own rockets.


Entering grades 3-5
You are the engineer! Build your own remote control car, animal bot or electric guitar using the LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT Robotics Construction Set. Build and program robots using motors and external inputs such as touch, sound and light sensors. Use your new skills to meet challenges such as following lines, processing sound or navigating a maze.


Entering grades 2-5
Develop critical thinking skills, improve academic performance, and build sportsmanship, self-confidence and discipline. Experience a fun mix of formal instruction, practical exercises, and playing opportunities. Beginners learn the basic moves and strategies of the game. Intermediate and advanced players take their games to the next level by learning more complex strategies, practicing tactics, and preparing for and participating in chess tournaments.


Entering grades 1-5
Learn the basics of game development.  Create games using visual programming language software designed to be used by children.  Its various capabilities enable campers to develop and program a wide range of inventive and visually interesting games that are played in a 3-D world.  Draw on these capabilities to design and create single-player and multi-player games.