Parent Testimonials


“Our oldest daughter started preschool at the Y two years ago.  It was one of the most important days in her life.  Until that day she had never been without a close family member.  She did great!  Mom and Dad cried and proceeded to sit across the street until her class was over.  This year our second daughter starts preschool at the Y.  It will also be an important day for her, and Mom & Dad may cry. However, we will not be nervously sitting across the street as we leave her for the first time.  The Y has become part of our family.  We are proud to send our children to such a safe and nurturing environment where they will learn and grow!!”

— Thanks, Tricia Lerner, Bauer Branch

“The Westfield Y has provided my family with a tremendous welcome for the last two years. The child care center at Elm Street is top notch; the atmosphere is bright and engaging, and the staff is genuinely devoted to the kids. . . My daughter treats Elm Street like home. It’s easy to recommend the Westfield Y. Our children’s positive manner is its truest testimonial.”

— J. Santa, Early Learning Center

“The YMCA has given my children such a great preschool experience. I have seen them grow in leaps and bounds since they first walked through the doors on their first day. And as a parent, I couldn’t be happier with the progress they have made and the professionalism of the staff, as well as the care they provide for my children. It’s a wonderful community and I’m happy that my family and I are a part of it!”

–Stefanie and Josh Singer, Robert & Virginia Bauer Family Branch

“My children’s experience at the Westfield Y has been exceptional.  They have attended various programs such as swimming, ballet, preschool and after-care.  My daughter attended the pre-K program at the Early Learning Center which improved her learning and listening skills.  She would come home and show me how she learned to write the letter of the day, tell me about the book that was read and how much fun she had at school.  She also enjoyed the weekly swim class offered in the program and making new friends.  The optional enrichment courses offered such as zumba were also perfect for her.”

— Gamboa Family


“I would like to take a moment to give praise to the wonderful staff and care of the teachers that are over at the Elm Street Westfield Y. My daughter has enjoyed her time and experience during both years attended.  As parents, we have been very grateful to have been able to send our daughter to such a safe place.”

–C. and S. Klein, Early Learning Center


“I am both a parent of two children who have now moved on to kindergarten and grade school and I am also a local psychotherapist who works with young children and families.  Both my children have had the great pleasure of attending the Y’s Early Learning Center. I visited every other preschool in the area and as soon as I came to the Y, I knew this was where I wanted my children. The Center is bright and inviting with children’s art everywhere and the staff is always kind and welcoming. They know every child’s name, even those not in their classes. One of the biggest selling points for me was the great outdoor playground and also the indoor gym/gross motor room where the kids can exercise when it’s too cold to go outside. Children are celebrated in many ways here and the graduation ceremonies are very special.”

— Michele Cole, Early Learning Center


“As parents of a daughter attending the Westfield Area Y Preschool, we feel very lucky that our daughter is receiving a superior education at this early age. Our expectations had been consistently exceeded again and again thanks to the dedicated efforts from the teachers and staff.  I am very impressed with the interactive teaching my daughter was exposed to. She was engaged to learn while playing at the same time. But best of all, she loves the art class. All the art projects that came home were quite original and creativity provoking.  We were reassured and delighted to see her eagerness to go to school every day. Thank you!”

— Simon & Chin-Yee, Robert & Virginia Bauer Family Branch

When my now 2 1/2 year old son started in the Little Lambs classroom, both my husband and I were filled with “first timer” anxiety. Will he make friends? Will the teachers accept him, show compassion, set limits and nurture him? All of our worries were put to rest within the first few weeks of the school year. ALL of his teachers have made a positive impact on my son and whenever we pick him up he is always engaged and smiling. I find myself taking solace and advice from his teachers on a daily basis as this is our first daycare experience and we always seem to have endless inquiries. The staff as a whole is wonderful.  As you walk inside the classrooms and through the hallways you are guaranteed a sneak peek into the creativity of the students and the supportive scaffolding of the teachers. My son is always proud to present and explain the hands-on projects and vivid photographs which grace the walls.

–Brendee Solomon, Early Learning Center


“My husband and I were new to Westfield when we had to enroll our 2 1/2 year old son in Preschool.  We looked around at the various programs and ultimately decided upon the YMCA.  Two years later, the education, programming (which includes the enrichment classes, lunchtime shows, and family events) and the true concern each caregiver has shown our son over the past 2 years has exceeded our expectations.  We love this school and so does our son who has truly thrived in this nurturing environment.  He will be in More for Fours this fall and my daughter will be starting Almost Threes; and with the new full day kindergarten program offering, we have every intention of keeping our kids in this school until they start first grade.”

–Sandi and Eugene Ing, Robert & Virginia Bauer Family Branch

“Transitioning our son from an in-home nanny to daycare is nerve wracking for any parent, but the staff at the Y made the switch for us so unbelievably easy – for both my husband and I and our son.  Ever since he started in the Little Lambs room – he has been one VERY happy boy.  From the first thing he talks about when he wakes up to the last thing we talk about before he goes to bed – he LOVES going to school. Of all the friends he’s made in his class to Miss Krys, Miss Kim, Miss Jamillah, Miss Lucy, Miss Daren and Miss Karen – they are an absolutely wonderful, caring group of teachers that we couldn’t be more excited about our son being with every day.  I cannot begin to say enough great things about the Westfield Y, the staff or the programs they offer and it was definitely one of the best decisions we made as to where to send our son to school.”

— Rodney & Julie Ibrahim, Early Learning Center