Policies and Forms

SACC programs are closed: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, Day after Christmas, New Year’s Eve Day, New Year’s Day, Good, Friday, and Memorial Day.

Our School Age Child Care (SACC) programs support a philosophy that provides growth of the spirit, mind and body, and the whole child.  We believe children need an environment that responds to a child’s needs and development while maintaining a safe and healthy atmosphere.  Children need to have time to play, make choices, problem solve and have fun.  We believe in fostering a child’s ability to appreciate himself/herself as a person capable of a wide variety of intellectual and physical activities.

Birthdays are special days for children and can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Parents can make arrangements with the Kindergarten Wrap Around Coordinator (for Kindergarten Wrap Around children) or the KEY Coordinator (for KEY children) to bring a special snack to celebrate with the class/group. Please remember that the Westfield Area Y is a peanut and tree nut free environment (this includes sesame seeds).

Invitations to parties are to be given out at the Y if the entire group/class is to be invited.

We cannot give out any addresses of children in our programs; however, if you leave a stamped invitation with the child’s full name on it we will address it and mail it for you.

During our program year, we will run fundraising events.  Monies that are raised through these events will go towards purchasing extra supplies and equipment for our programs.

Participation for these events is on a volunteer basis, but proceeds directly benefit all program participants. We appreciate full participation.

Each month you will receive a newsletter.  This will provide you with pertinent information regarding that month of programming. It will also provide you with upcoming events and dates.

The Westfield Area Y School Age Child Care programs have an open door policy for families. We welcome your visit at any time. You have unlimited access to the Y for the purpose of contacting your child and/or assessing the care provided. Please notify the Director, Supervisor or Coordinator of your presence upon arrival. The SACC office is across from room 104 and right outside the gym.

We hold children in the highest regard.  We believe in promoting a positive self-image and always reinforce positive behavior.  We accomplish this by practicing the techniques of encouragement, acknowledgment of positive behavior, shaping, and role modeling.

When the need to extinguish negative behavior arises we rely on non-threatening techniques. Children are first removed from the negative situation and then redirected towards something positive.  All major behavior concerns are immediately communicated to parents and steps towards behavior modification are taken, if necessary. All incidents of improper behavior are documented in children’s files.  If, after behavior modification and action steps are taken, the negative behavior still occurs, parents will be informed that the child is permanently dismissed from the program.  Severe incidents, determined by the director, mean immediate termination without warning.

We believe children need structure and consistency.  We strongly believe that children are human beings who require and deserve respect.  Our philosophy of discipline reflects these feelings.  Click here for our expulsion policy.

Registration begins in March for the following school year.  Registration information is treated in a confidential manner.  Registration is on a first come first serve basis.  Returning children must re-register each year.  A NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee and a NON-REFUNDABLE one-month deposit must accompany the registration forms.  When this is received, your spot will be secured until your first payment is due.  The deposit will be used for your June tuition or your child’s last month with us if one-month written notice is given.  NO CREDIT CAN BE GIVEN IF LESS THEN ONE MONTH OF NOTICE IS GIVEN.  All parents must sign an enrollment/payment fee agreement.  All new participants are encouraged to attend one of the parent meetings (held in the summer) or have an orientation meeting with the Director or Supervisor before beginning the program.

Parents must give any changes, in writing, to the SACC office (e.g., new address, phone numbers, work place changes, change in days attending, etc.).  To add or change days you must first check availability and then pay any additional money for your June deposit.

Proper forms must be completed and handed into the SACC office before your child’s start date or pick up will not be provided.  These forms include: health history, child information form, authorized picked up card, photo release, handbook sign off, and office of licensing form.

The Westfield Area Y offers a financial assistance program to families in our service area who meet our qualification guidelines. The form is available here or at the Main Y Welcome Center.

Parents of a subsidized child must complete all required paperwork on time to continue enrollment at the Westfield Area Y Parents of subsidized children are also required to sign a fee agreement, agreeing to be personally responsible for the payment of tuition, in the event they become ineligible to receive childcare subsidies.

Our State License requires up to have a new health history form on file for each child enrolled. We cannot use last year’s form or the form from summer camp.

If your child is ill, please keep him/her home.  Any child who is unable to attend school or sent home from school for any health reasons may not attend any SACC program.

Any child who has/had any of the following symptoms within a 24-hour period is NOT allowed to attend our programs.  Please be considerate of the other children and staff by not allowing your child to attend our program for at least one day after illness: temperature over 100, vomiting, eye irritation, diarrhea, unknown rash, sore throat, head lice (nit free), or any contagious illness.

If the Director/Coordinator feel that a child is ill, they will notify the parent(s) or emergency contact and ask that the child be taken home.

If a child will be needing medication (this includes inhalers) during the hours they are in our care, a medical permission form must be filled out.  All medications must be directly handed to a supervisor and may not be left in a child’s backpack or lunch box. All medications MUST be in the original container.  If your child requires an Epipen, the Epipen must be in the original box with the child’s prescription clearly marked on the outside.  If your child is in an offsite program, a separate Epipen must be given to the Westfield Y program.

It is the policy of the Westfield Area Y that staff members are not permitted to babysit for families in the SACC program, so please do not ask them.

The Westfield Area Y is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.  Please have your child leave their valuables at home (including money, handheld electronics, and toys).  Please label ALL your child’s items (books, bags, jackets, coats, hats, etc.). Please check our lost and found if your child is missing any items.

Payments are due the first of each month. You are given a 10-day grace period. There will be a late fee for payments received after the 10th of the month.

Payments may be made by check, credit card, online, or credit card draft.  Payments may be made at the Main Y Welcome Center or mailed to: Westfield Area Y, c/o SACC program, 220 Clark St, Westfield NJ 07090.  Payments should not be given to a Coordinator in our off-site locations.  Payments are deposited immediately, do not post date checks.  There is a service fee for all returned checks.  Please write your child’s name and program on all checks.

Failure to adhere to our tuition policy (making payment by the 25th of the month) will result in suspension from the program.  Timely payments are essential for continued enrollment at the Westfield Area Y.  However, if you anticipate difficulty with paying on time, please discuss the matter with the Director immediately.  If alternative arrangements for payment are approved you will be notified by the director.

No credit is given for vacations, scheduled school holidays, child illness, or for closings due to emergency situations, inclement weather or acts of God.

Additional days (other than your child’s scheduled days) are available for an additional fee.  This fee will be added to your monthly invoice. There is NO SUBSTITUTING DAYS.

Changes in enrollment (switching days, adding days, dropping days, withdrawing from the program) must be submitted in writing one month prior to the date of change. The director will notify if the new schedule is available.  If the schedule change requires an additional deposit, the change will be contingent upon receiving payment.  If you are entitled to a credit due to the schedule change, that credit will be applied to your next month’s payment.  If withdrawing, your June deposit will be used for payment of your final month.

Every child must have a Y Program or Family Membership to participate in SACC Programs

Please call out absentees at 908-233-2700 x248 and leave a message. Voicemail is available 24 hours a day.  If your child will not be attending the program for any reason please call before:
PM Kindergarten Wrap Around before 10:30 am
KEY and Off-Sites before 2:00 pm

If your child is sent home from school for illness or any other reason, your child may not be in attendance at the Westfield Area Y, and you are still responsible to call your child absent from our child care programs.

There is a late fee charge for calls received after the above mentioned times and for no calls when your child is absent from any of our programs. Late charges will be added to your monthly bill.

No child will be released to any person(s) or parent(s) who appears to be physically or emotionally impaired, to the extent that in the judgment of the Director the child would be placed at risk of harm if released to such an individual.  This includes individuals who may seem to be intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics.  In such a situation, the Director will attempt to contact the child’s other parent or authorized pick-up person.  It is important to always list two backups other than the parents.

If we are unable to make an alternate arrangement by 7:30pm (one hour after program closing), the Director will call the New Jersey 24 hour Child Abuse hotline at 1-800-792-8610 to seek assistance in caring for the child.

On your authorized pick-up card please remember to include yourself as well as at least two emergency phone numbers and people authorized to pick-up your child(ren).  Authorized pick ups need to be 18 years of age.  Anyone whose name appears on your SACC authorization card will be permitted to pick up your child at anytime without a phone call or note.  A note or call is needed if your child is to be picked up by anyone who is not listed on the Authorized pick-up card.  It is required that your child(ren) be signed out on the sign-out form every day from PM Kindergarten Wrap Around, Main Y KEY program, and our Off-Site programs.  Children enrolled in our Before Care and AM Kindergarten Wrap Around programs must be signed in each day by an adult.

Attendance is taken on the bus daily by a SACC staff member, so it is MANDATORY that you call your child absent if they will not be attending the Y.  A SACC member waits at the school for the children to be dismissed along with accompanying the children on the bus back to the Westfield Area Y.

The SACC program will inform each school of the children attending our programs.  Please also let you child’s classroom teacher know that your child is in our program by sending them a note stating the days that your child attends the Y.

Children are expected to arrive at the bus immediately after they are dismissed from school. Your child should not be staying after school for any reason.  Please do not have your child participate in activities such as safety patrol that will deter them from getting to the bus.

If your child has a class trip and will be arriving back at school late it is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements for your child to be picked up.

Children are expected to behave on the bus at all times.  If they do not and become a hazard to the other children and/or the driver, the Director has the right to suspend the child from the program.  The Bus driver, Coordinator, and the Director have the right to assign seats on the bus at any time deemed necessary.