Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Program

This unique program addresses issues of everyday life — how to get in and out of a chair with greater ease, how to walk with better balance.

Delay the Disease

According to the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, exercise can enhance the quality of life and help maintain functional independence.

Our unique program addresses activities of everyday life e.g., how to get in and out of a chair with greater ease and how to walk with better balance. Classes incorporate strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular exercises to help ease tremors, improve posture, gait and increase overall well-being.

Classes are for all function and ability levels, led by YMCA trainers who are certified in Parkinson’s exercise and functional training for active aging.

Whether newly diagnosed or living with Parkinson’s for years, participants benefit from the exercises, camaraderie, and supportive atmosphere.

Water exercise classes are also included with membership and provide cardiovascular and strength training benefits for all ages and fitness levels. Water-based workouts maximize your fitness results while minimizing the stress on joints and muscles. Water resistance = a total body workout! All classes are taught by instructors certified in aquatic exercise.

For more information or to try a class, please contact us!