Brittany Spiller

Personal Trainer

I’m a Registered Pharmacist, Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. My love of fitness started in high school when I joined the Varsity Swim Team. After high school, I ventured into different sectors of fitness like HIIT, sports performance training, CrossFit, Yoga, and Pilates. My passion for health and wellness led me into the world of medicine and I graduated from Butler University with a Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2015. In this world, I realized that the true medicine lay in diet and exercise. In 2020, I obtained the NASM Personal Trainer Certification and later my NASM Certified Nutrition Coach Certification.

My goal is to help those with chronic disease states like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol gain control over their conditions so that they can live longer, reduce the amount of medications that they take and prevent hospitalizations. My primary mission is to help people achieve their health goals, whether it is to gain muscle, become stronger, run faster, walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded, lose weight, keep up with the kids or improve their lab numbers.

· NASM Personal Trainer 2020

· NASM Certified Nutrition Coach 2021

Contact Information
Phone: (908) 301-9622