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Lacey Archer

Human Resources Administrator

Lacey joined the Westfield Area YMCA in December of 2022 in the Member Services Department on a part-time basis. Not long after, a full-time position in Human Resources became available and, having several years of HR and payroll experience in hospitality and the non-profit sector, Lacey eagerly applied and was hired for the role.

Lacey is proud to be a part of the YMCA community with such strong mission and values. She first became a teen member of her local YMCA when she was in high school to work out and swim with friends. When she became a mom, she knew she wanted to join again to provide that same experience for her family.

Lacey is passionate about fitness and whole food nutrition. In her free time, Lacey enjoys being active outdoors with her family, playing tennis with friends and scouring Central and North Jersey for the best restaurants. She resides in Westfield with her husband, Matt, and their two young daughters, Madelyn and Devyn.

Contact Information
Phone: (908) 301-9622 ext. 520
Lacey Archer 01 e1692814404471